Linking External Style Sheets

Since the styles are used in many html pages, it is most logical to import the file you created.

An external style sheet keeps all the style rules you can link from any HTML document on your site in a separate document. External style sheets are the most flexible because with the external style sheet, you can change the look of the entire website by simply updating a file.

You can add external style sheets in two ways - linking and importing:

Linking External Style Sheets
It can be linked to an HTML document using an external stylesheet tag.
<!-- You can add the css file you created in the head section of your worksheet .-->
    <link rel = "stylesheet" href = "css/style.css">
</ Head>

<!-- You can import the css files you have created in your style file -->
@import url ("css / layout.css");
@import url ("css / color.css");
body {
    color: blue;
    font-size: 14px;
In these two methods, the same styles make each other ineffective. If there are similar styles in the css files you add in the head section, the style in the last added file will be valid. That's why it's important to call your style configuration after the library files like Bootstrap.


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