HTML b Tag

The HTML b tag is used in the areas you want to emphasize within the text field. Needs an opening and a closing tag.

It is not recommended to use the B tag for HTML 5. Instead, you can use the css font-weight feature in the text between h1 ... h6 tags in the header parts of the areas with high importance.

Difference between strong and b tag;

During viewing, the output of the html page is the same if there is no previous css configuration in the two tags. But while the b tag only adds visual clarity, the strong tag emphasizes a significance. Strong is used to highlight the relevant field you will need for SEO and show it to search engines.

<p>You can <b> bold </b> the areas you see <b> important </b> in a paragraph. </p>

<p>You can bold areas where you see <span style = "font-weight: 600;"> important </span> in a paragraph.</p>

<!--It's easier to use these features with your predefined style configuration-->

<p class="paragraf">This is a paragraph area and a <span> class </span> is defined.</p>

.paragraf span{

Browser Compatibility

Firefox 1+
Google Chrome 1+
Internet Explorer 2+
Apple Safari 1+
Opera 2.1 and After

I highly recommend using font-weight from the css properties instead of using the b tag to make a field within a post distinctive. It is easy to process and suitable for search engines.

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