HTML Attributes

HTML Properties define additional properties or properties of an element, such as the width and height of an image. Properties are always specified in the start tag (or opening tag) and usually consist of name / value pairs name = "name".

Property values ​​should always be quoted.

Also, some features are required for some items. For example, a tag should contain a src and its sub-properties. The src value here is to find the file path. the lower value is used to name this picture. It is one of the indispensable rules for seo (search engine optimization). You can view more seo related information from seo articles.

 Let's take a look at some examples of HTML features:
<img src = "images/sample.png" width = "50" height = "50" alt = "name"> // we added a width property height property and title property for the image element.

<a href="" title="Search engine"> Name to Display </a> we created a "search engine" title for the link.

<input type = "text" value = "John Doe" required> // The required property used here fulfills the requirement that the object is not passed empty. We did not create a value pair here. This is because it is possible to write html features like this one by one.

Double quotes are often used in HTML. If you need to use quotes within a value itself, the outer quotes must be odd, and the inner quotes must be even.

<input name = "name" value = 'Opt. Dr. "john doe" Div. Head. Assist>

You can assign a custom class to any object or multiple objects. In this case, all the values ​​you define for the "blog" class property also apply to other objects of the same name.

<div class = "blog">
    <p> Blog content will come here </p>
</ Div>

<div class = "blog">
    <p> Blog content will come here </p>
</ Div>

Unlike Class, id is defined for a single object. You can add special functions to that object with jquery or make changes on the css side.
	<input name="email" type="email" id="private">

Attention Here

There are several name-only properties in HTML5 that do not consist of name / value pairs. These qualities are called Boolean properties. Some common Boolean features are checked, disabled, readonly, required, etc. as examples.

Id and class properties can be written in capital letters. However, it is required to write small characters and use English characters in World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards.
Html features form the basis of your work. Your basic education here will save you time in your later studies. Learning the basic features makes your job easier in organic seo studies. It contributes to working more comfortably with CSS and jquery.

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