What is a favicon, how to add a favicon to the website

Favorite icon used in Favicon websites, in other words, is the small logo next to the title field of the site displayed in the browser's tab of the site logos.

It makes it easy to spot the site's browser tabs Essentially, it is a feature that exists even when more than one tab feature is not used in browsers and it is very simple to use.

Users can find you faster with visual elements rather than text or names. So when a user opens your site or adds it as a bookmark, it will be faster to find you again after changing the page thanks to the favicon.

<link rel="icon" href="favicon.png" type="image/gif" sizes="16x16">
Favicons support .ico, .png, .gif formats. Current browsers are better to use as pngs due to their smaller size.

When creating a favicon, care should be taken to make sure it is square and its dimensions are 16x16, 32x32, 48x48, 128x128 or 256x256.

You can use the favicon link you created by writing between the head tags.
Sites without a favicon will display a world icon by default instead.

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