Adjusting the image size to the screen size

You can find the screen size in pixels using html, Css and jquery and adjust the size of objects in various resolutions.
<!--We created an image tag and assigned a class to it-->
<img class="image" src="img/picture.jpg" alt="pic name" >

<!--You can first determine the screen size through the class we define and then give the height to that size using the jquery if else method.-->
function autosize() {
                    var windowSize = $(window).width();

                     if (windowSize <= 1400) {
                       $(".image").height( 200 ).css({
                            cursor: "auto",
                    else if (windowSize >= 1400) {
                         $(".image").height( 280 ).css({
                            cursor: "auto",

                // Execute on load
                // Bind event listener
You can add a requirement of whatever width you want.

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