Tesla to produce Affordable Car

Tesla to produce Affordable Car

Tesla to produce Affordable Car Elon Musk explained his future plans at the event called Battery Day at the company's factory in California.

After the presentation of Musk, a decrease in value of around 6 percent occurred in his shares.

Investors sold their $ 50 billion of shares after these announcements.

Elon Musk stated at the event that Tesla will produce electric cars that will be sold at $ 25,000 thanks to the battery developed in the next 3 years.


It has been learned that Elon Mask's new investment plans do not satisfy its customers. The shareholders quickly dropped $ 50 billion in market value, with disappointing sales.

Tesla batteries cost $ 156 per KWh, according to last year's data.

In the ongoing statements, the sedan model with a range of 520 miles, named Model S Plaid, will produce 320 km of speed and will go into mass production in 2021.

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