What is Seo?

What is Seo?

What is Seo?
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the technical studies aimed at catching the search response, which are applied during and after the construction of the websites.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

As a result of the work done, websites are delivered to potential visitors faster. It provides more search performance with the same content.

The question of what is seo basically consists of many expansions. Publishers can make different explanations with different eyes, but the question is important here. Among the query and the content corresponding to the query, seo water-powered popiler websites.

For example, let's search for "karfanlutahtu". There is no such term or any word in the world. Normally, when it is searched on the internet, it will not find anything and the search engine will offer you a few suggestions that you searched for the following. By the way, after my article, this page will appear in the first place to search for karfanlutahtu. This site will have nothing to do with the strong seo presentation.

But when you search for "house for sale in Ankara", thousands of website pages corresponding to this search will come up. Here the question of what is seo is answered.

Let's fix our example on 100 pages. You searched and 100 pages are listed as a result. Imagine that you are now making a web page. Your website will be ranked 101st in return for this search.

Let's speed up a little

You know that you have no chance with this content in 101th place. You can create privileges with seo to prevent your opponents. Let's explain the main elements you need to pay attention to with the item examples below.

1- Website's Domain Name
2- Title
3- Description
2- URL Structure
4- Media Optimizations
5- Contents
7- Speed ​​of the Website

Website Domain Name

We act with some impulses while getting the domain name of our website. Let's determine what is important and set off. As a global brand, for example, when buying a domain name for the BWM website, it does not buy a domain name such as hizlivedayanikliaraba.com to be suitable for search engines. It prefers a domain name associated with its own name by considering its corporate identity.

However, this may not be important for a local business. For example, if you are a local news site, you can get a domain name such as www.samsunhaber.com. When a visitor who looks at what is happening on the internet searches like samsun news, you have a chance to catch the search from the domain name. You put a valuable score in your pocket.


Another important point is the title on this page. Every site and every page of the site has a title describing that page. So it has to be written. In short, you summarize what is happening on that page.

Titles not exceeding 60 characters are sufficient. You can miss the important word because it won't show up when you use more characters.


Description is briefly a definition sentence. It is used to summarize the content on that page. It should not exceed 160 characters. It is useful to mention the words you use in the title in the description section.

URL Structure

Your url structure is important for seo. By sampling, we can explain the difference.

When you create a subpage on your site as domainname.com/post.html?id=123&link='karkacikburgacik'?/, the search engine cannot get any results from the url structure.

Instead, if you have a domain like domainname.com/blog/seo-nedir, your product will give you an advantage in a search for what is seo.

Media Optimizations

The size of the pictures you use on the relevant page, the type of space and the optimization of the footprint also creates an advantage. Pictures should be saved in web formats, should be sized according to the placement of your page.


The text content on your page is original. Copied content creates a disadvantage to you in seo. Content and code ratio above 6% is an added value for SEO. In the content, texts should be preferred about the relevant page and subject, in accordance with the real and spelling rules.

Website Speed

The css, javascript files, images and other additions used on the websites cause the page to load late. Visitors get bored of delayed pages quickly and opening the site late in search engines is undesirable. The correct laying of the design and software foundations while using seo, the use of plain code and the removal of unnecessary codes in the correct layout will speed up the speed of your site.

You can test your site speed at https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/?hl=en

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