What is Jquery?

What is Jquery?

What is Jquery?

If you want to start a good career as a web developer, one of the first programming languages ​​you need to learn is JavaScript. It is a very fast language for dynamic web forms, animations, and many more tools.

Jquery is not a programming language. jQuery is a pre-written JavaScript code library and collection that you can add to your own coding projects, which contributes to the development and more functionality of the library.

JavaScript and jQuery - What's the Difference?

Let's imagine you are building a website. You need a visual gallery on this website. To do this, you will need to write code that takes quite a long time in javascript language. Instead, using a pre-written library will speed up your work and make your project safer. This may sound like a trick or a copy. But there is no need to rebuild the wheel.


jQuery makes JavaScript programming faster and more efficient
jQuery is open source (i.e. anyone can contribute to it or make changes to it) and it has a large community of users, which is constantly supported and added.
jQuery has extensive documentation (including inline code samples!)

JavaScript and jQuery are interchangeable, separating the two can be confusing. Remember: JavaScript is a standalone programming language, jQuery is a collection of JavaScript code (not its own language).

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