Google Maps Getting Social

Google Maps Getting Social

Google Maps Getting Social You can usually open Google Maps to find the way home, but google hopes to expand the way you use its app.

A new feature in Google Maps is coming as a community portal. Similar to the news feed on social media, it is designed to let you know what is happening in your area with contributions from local people.

Includes local venue recommendations, reviews from Google's Local Guides, and photos of favorite food. When you follow your local businesses on Maps, you will now receive updates such as new takeout and delivery options directly from them.

You will find the new community feed in the 'Discover' tab of Google Maps and you can adapt it to your interests. If you're looking for something new, you can move around the map and find contributing information almost anywhere in the world.

Much of this information was already available on Google Maps in one form or another, businesses could post updates on new opening hours or notify customers that they were moving transactions online.

But this was only possible when you looked at the profile of a particular business, now, all can appear in one place and can be selected specifically for you.

The new feature is in the process of rolling out to all phones with iOS or Android.

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