What is 5G Technology?

What is 5G Technology?

What is 5G Technology? 5th Generation Mobile Telecommunication Service; is a new generation wireless phone technology. 5G is a system that uses different frequencies for faster communication. It provides approximately 10 times the data transmission rate of fourth generation technology.

The download time for a high resolution movie will take up to 5-10 seconds. With 4G, communication and connection time between devices as low as 30-60 milliseconds will decrease to 4 milliseconds with 5G.

Currently, 5G infrastructure is being established for testing purposes in many countries of the world. China, South Korea, Russia and the US devote considerable time and money to 5G technology.

It is not true to say 5G is only for mobile phones. With this communication technology, it is even possible to operate remotely through robotic arms, or to play a game on a remote server without having a good computer to play a high-graphic game. It is also possible for objects to communicate among themselves, and for vehicles to move autonomously and synchronously in traffic. In addition to its unlimited advantages, it is a complete mystery for now what will be stealing from the world.

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